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A little about us, and a little about you.
Let's get to know each other.



about You

You want beautiful photos, but you're probably a little camera shy, think it will be really awkward and quite frankly, is the thing you are least looking forward to (well, he probably is?). 


You love having your photo taken (or at least are impartial to the idea), and want a photographer to faithfully capture the spirit of the day with a touch of creativeness. 



about us

We're married. We have 2 kids, 2 dogs and a cat (it is a little like living at a zoo at times). We like hand held walks on the beach and candle lit..... bla bla bla... no, not really... we're just normal 30 somethings; low key, low maintenance, super relaxed.... 'normal' people... 

We do however, love taking photos. We've been taking photos together for nearly 10 years (is that romantic?), and in that time, we've learnt that a wedding day should be all about you guys.... so, you do your thing, we'll do ours, and document it super duper well.