Hey! We are Jess and Steve. Husband and wife. Parents of 2 kids, and Fur-parents of 2 dogs and 1 cat. Somewhere amongst that circus, we also take photos of people (people like you!).

As parents, we know that time really is precious, and we know that it moves way too fast and that baby brain haze really does steal a lot of those memories away. We know that the funny little things your kids do, their (sometimes illogical) mannerisms, cute stories, crazy faces and even the tantrums are the things you will want to remember, look back on and maybe even laugh about. We observe. We sit back and we let you be a family. We capture that, so you have it, forever.

As husband and wife, we know, that as cliched as it may be, your wedding day really does fly by. It’s the people that make the wedding. Your friends, your family… and you. We will lovingly capture all the small details; your flowers, your table settings, your dress. But what we do best, is capture the big details; the connections and emotions, between you and the people you love.

We’ve been photographing weddings and families for over 10 years.