Baby Frankie was a little cuddle bug for her newborn photography session. I love the interaction between everyone in a newborn session so being held the whole time is fine with me! Big bro was happy to give his little sister a little attention, but sometimes this new life as a brother gets a little much... big changes all round and it's nice to capture that too.

newborn baby lying on bed
newborn baby yawning
Mum and dad with newborn
boy riding trike through house as mum and dad hold newborn baby
Mum and dad looking at newborn baby
big brother looking at newborn baby
newborn photography
Mother holding newborn baby
Mum comforting son while holding newborn baby
family with newborn baby
Mum and dad looking at newborn baby
Smiling newborn
mum holding newborn baby while son lies on floor
Family photography
Newborn photographer
Family in newborn baby's room
Son looking at mum while she holds baby
Family laughing together outside
boy with party horn
Family playing together
Mum wrapping baby with dad watching on
Newborn baby with mothers hands
Mother holding wrapped newborn baby
Newborn baby photography