The Adelaide Shoot

Sam and Vincent were lovely enough to fly me to Adelaide to do their pre-wedding photos. These guys come from Hong Kong, but, Vincent is studying at Flight Training Adelaide, to become a pilot. So yeah, that's their story. We basically just spent the day wondering the streets of Adelaide.. no real plan, just venturing from spot to spot and we end up in the hangar and tarmac at the the airport where Vincent lives and studies. Pretty sweet.

2014-07-07_0091.jpg 2014-07-07_0093.jpg 2014-07-07_0094.jpg 2014-07-07_0095.jpg 2014-07-07_0096.jpg 2014-07-07_0097.jpg 2014-07-07_0098.jpg 2014-07-07_0099.jpg 2014-07-07_0100.jpg 2014-07-07_0101.jpg 2014-07-07_0102.jpg 2014-07-07_0103.jpg 2014-07-07_0104.jpg 2014-07-07_0105.jpg 2014-07-07_0106.jpg 2014-07-07_0107.jpg 2014-07-07_0108.jpg 2014-07-07_0109.jpg 2014-07-07_0110.jpg 2014-07-07_0111.jpg 2014-07-07_0112.jpg 2014-07-07_0113.jpg 2014-07-07_0114.jpg 2014-07-07_0115.jpg

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