Bondi Icebergs Photos

Given that winter still appears to be here, I thought I would share a few experimental photos that we took whilst down in Sydney last summer (ummm.. Summer 2008/2009). This was a rather unforgettable trip.. as both Jess and I got sunburnt like you could not believe. In fact, Jess got so sunburnt, that by the time we got married last September, she still had remnants of the tan 9 months later. It seemed like such a good idea at the time wearing just a singlet... (errmm and pants of course). 

Anyway.. these photos were taken on the walk we did around Bondi Beach (starting at the Icebergs swimming club). At that time, we had just bought a Lens Baby (Google it if your interested), so, of course, every photo I took had to be with the new lens... It gives kind of a neat effect as you will see, but, not something you would use for every shot (even though I did....)

I have been meaning to blog these photos for the longest time... so can finally tick them off the list!

Brisbane Wedding Phoographer Img 2048

Brisbane Wedding Phoographer Img 2068

Brisbane Wedding Phoographer Img 2208 1