Burj Khalifa Top of the World

Today we shoot the first of two weddings here in Dubai (both weddings are for the same couple). How so? The first is a Church wedding, to take care of the legal side of things, paperwork etc and the second (on Saturday) is the pArTy event (and a "blessing" ceremony) - and this will be on the beach at the incredibly, ridiculously, stupdendisously beautiful Shimmers restaurant at Mina a'Salam. Did I mention that this place is picture perfect????

Lauren and Kieren both grew up in the UAE / Dubai - but now are living back in Brisbane. So, after todays church ceremony we're going to check out some of L&K's child hood haunts and do some portraits with them. 

So, up until now, Jess and I have been in tourist mode somewhat. Yesterday we went up the Burj Khalifa - which is the tallest building in the world (at nearly 1km tall and 200+ storeys) - it really is quite the sight. Dubai already has some pretty tall buildings. In fact, many of them dwarf what we have in Brisbane - so when you see the Burj Khalifa in the distance and it looks at least 3 times taller than anything else, you really start to appreciate the incredible effort that went in to building it. Though, sometimes when looking at, there are two thoughs that pop into my head - The Tower of Babel, and... "what was it again that the wise man built his house upon?" Pretty sure it wasnt sand. 

In anycase, Im glad we took the time to go up it. There are also a few other photos below from in and around Dubai.

Brisbane Wedding Phoographer Burj-khalifa-dubai-011

Brisbane Wedding Phoographer Burj-khalifa-dubai-010

Brisbane Wedding Phoographer Burj-khalifa-dubai-009

Brisbane Wedding Phoographer Burj-khalifa-dubai-008

Brisbane Wedding Phoographer Burj-khalifa-dubai-007

Brisbane Wedding Phoographer Burj-khalifa-dubai-005

Brisbane Wedding Phoographer Burj-khalifa-dubai-006

Brisbane Wedding Phoographer Burj-khalifa-dubai-004

Brisbane Wedding Phoographer Burj-khalifa-dubai-003

Brisbane Wedding Phoographer Burj-khalifa-dubai-002

Brisbane Wedding Phoographer Burj-khalifa-dubai-001