Dubai Wedding Prelude…

It has been a very busy start to the year for Jess and I. We've been shooting at least one wedding a weekend (often 2) since mid February... and this coming weekend is a very rare and precious weekend off!! Yay for us! With 50+ weddings booked in this year, I think we have only one or two more free weekends remaining.. and then we dont really get a break until basically Christmas. But, we're not complaining... we love shooting weddings... especially YOUR wedding!! 

Our last wedding for this year is booked in Zimbabwe - and so we are planning on taking a few weeks holidays - and touring around Africa over Christmas & New Year. I have been there a few times before, but this will be the first time for Jess and I can not wait to take her to a game park to see the big animals close up! 

Anyway... we will be blogging the wedding we shot in Dubai very shortly (maybe this week even) - so I thought a little recap post was in order. I know we have blogged some of these images before (or at least had them on Facebook) - but, I thought that this post will lead nicely into the Dubai wedding when we get it up. 

For most people that know me.. know that Dubai holds a special place in my heart, so, whenever I get the chance, I tend to go on about it a bit. But, it really is a place worth checking out. However.. I most certainly will spend more time blabbing about it when we post Lauren & Kierens Dubai wedding very soon!

Brisbane Wedding Phoographer Dubai-wedding-photographer-burj-al-arab 1

Brisbane Wedding Phoographer Dubai-wedding-photographer-burj-al-arab-2

Brisbane Wedding Phoographer Dubai-wedding-photographer-dubai-marina

Brisbane Wedding Phoographer Dubai-wedding-photographer-jumeriah-beach

Brisbane Wedding Phoographer Dubai-wedding-photographer-the-creek

Brisbane Wedding Phoographer Img 4736a