Grandparents and Nose Picking

I just wanted to share two photos from Matt and Majella's wedding (blog post coming any day now). I was talking to Majella on the phone today, and she mentioned to me that this particular photo of her grandparents made her feel a little on the emotional side - and then on the flip side, the photo of her nephew made her laugh and that it was her favourite photo from the day (sorry little buddy, this one is coming back at your 21st). 

I know a lot of the photos we feature on our site are big sweeping panoramas, or some other type of photo that you would enlarge and have hanging proudly in your lounge room. But, we give you more than that. We're always on the lookout for the smaller moments.  For those that do not know,  Jess actually has a Bachelor of Photography (yes, a real University Degree in Photography) - majoring in..... photojournalism. So, I know photographers bandy the term "photojournalism" around a lot.. but, at least we can legitimately say that it really is at the heart of Jess Marks Photography.  As for me, (as my brother in law Tony likes to say), I got my degree from the school of hard knocks!! haha. (at least I didnt get a HECS debt). 

Anyway, so,  its photos like these that are the most precious, and, they may not be the ones you want hanging on your wall above your bed, but I gaurantee they are the ones that you will treasure forever and look at time and time again. 

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