Jai and Priya’s Wedding Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of Jai & Priya's wedding spectacular!

This was the first Hindu wedding that we have shot.. so, it was a bit exciting for us (its always nice to get to do something a little different). At the same time... we were not entirely sure what to expect, as a Hindu ceremony is a little more intricate than your typical Western ceremony - but, thanks to YouTube and some helpful tips from Jai & Priya (and their family on the day) - we had it sorted in no time.

We started the day at Priya's family home where she was getting ready. Her hair and make-up was done by The Powder Room and she looked absolutely stunning. It was then off to the ceremony at the Tavernetta, after the ceremony, there was a lunch reception - and then a quick photo shoot down on the Shorncliffe Pier. After that, it was half time.. and you will need to stay tuned to see the rest....  

WeddingsJess Bliesner