I get a little bit scared of posting my thoughts online, I get embarressed easily and don't want to sound silly, but here I go...

The other day I was looking back at photos of our house pre-renovations and I showed Steve a photo of the lounge.  Almost at the exact same time, we both commented that as soon as we saw the photo, we could remember exactly how the house smelt (not very pleasant…) and it just struck me, just how powerful a photo can be, that just by looking at it we were both taken back to a smell from over a year ago.  I guess a similar thing can be said with sound - while in Nepal, we recorded some sound while we were wandering round the streets and playing that back now, over 2 years later, I can visualise the streets and smell the incense that they burnt.  Memory is a powerful thing.

I used to have dreams of helping to erase poverty and end famine through my photos.  National Geographic is not where I've ended up... but I've recently come to realise that what we do is pretty powerful on perhaps a smaller scale but so important to lots of individuals.  On your wedding day there is so much happening, so many emotions and the day goes so quickly!  It's so nice to think that we can help people remember and cherish all those little moments that other wise may have been forgotten.  We really hope that people can look back on their photos and remember how they felt as they walked down the aisle, the excitement of being announced as a married couple or a special moment they shared with their Mum or Dad.

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