Sunshine Coast Wedding

If Chicago is the windy city, then the Sunshine Coast (on the weekend) is also the windy city.... but more windy-er (yes, windy-er) is a real word). Emma and Brett had a beautiful beach side ceremony.. but, damn... did it get windy after that. The bridal party soldiered on for some outdoor photos in the wind.. (and the cold) before heading back to an amazing house, with an award winning bathroom for additional photos.

You can take a good photo just about anywhere these days....

2014-09-07_0014.jpg 2014-09-07_0002.jpg 2014-09-07_0003.jpg 2014-09-07_0004.jpg2014-09-07_0006.jpg 2014-09-07_0007.jpg 2014-09-07_0013.jpg2014-09-07_0008.jpg 2014-09-07_0009.jpg 2014-09-07_0010.jpg 2014-09-07_0011.jpg 2014-09-07_0012.jpg