Our Village

We've always wanted to use our photography to somehow help enrich the lives of those less fortunate than us. We've travelled around the world and photographed some of the poorest people on earth. But, that in itself, only does so much. It can raise awareness and you can maybe make some money from selling prints, books, posters etc. But these people don't really need or want photographs. They want food, water, medical care. They want the basics in life.... They need people to take action.

From this year, we have started sponsoring a village in Cambodia. Ultimately, we have our clients to thank for this, as they enable us to do what we love doing - Wedding Photography - and therefore enable us to finance the support of our village.

Trapaing Angrorng Village

Trapaing Cho Commune, Aoral District, Kampong Speu Province Cambodia

We are funding them to:

Build one village road 960m Build a culvert 0.40m Celebrate International Women's Day 8 March Celebrate World Water Day 22 March Monthly VDC/CBO meeting

The villages' objectives are:

To build confidence  in project management To build confidence in resource mobilization Increase and improve community access Promote women's rights awareness Improve hygiene and sanitation

Sounds like some pretty good causes to us and we are very excited to be able to fund these projects for these people in need.

We will update this post through out the year with information on our village. In the mean time we would encourage everyone to check our the amazing work that Lutheran World Service do: http://www.alws.org.au

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