Photos from Nepal / Revisited

We may have posted some of these photos a little while back, so appologies to those that have seen them. However, we (or at least I) have decided that we had too many great photos from our trip to Nepal, and that to not share the on the blog would be a waste. 

Im starting with these two, as they are perhaps two of my favourites from the trip. Both were taken in Kathmandu (around the Thamel area). This is an amazing city to just observe in. It may not have the architecture of Europe and it may not have many of the luxuries that we enjoy in the western world - but its streets and its people are full of character. The noises and the smells are something that you can not describe, they have to be things you experience for yourself. 

I will try and post some of these photos every other week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed being there taking them.

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