Spicers Peak Lodge Wedding

Planning on having an elopement? Read on. People elope for lots of reasons. Sometimes its to save money, sometimes its to avoid family dramas, sometimes it's because they don't wont to be the centre of attention. At the end of the day, a wedding is ultimately not about the party, or the styling, or the photos (as great as all those things can be) - its about love and commitment.

As people that go to a lot (and I mean a lot) of weddings, it was so lovely to see a ceremony that was stripped back to its basics. It was what it was, two people committing to each other for the rest of their lives. So simple, but yet so powerful.

On this day, it was the bride and groom, Jess and I, the celebrant, and the absolutely amazing surrounding of Spicers Peak Lodge Maryvale (an awesome venue for a wedding by the way - as are all the SPicers properties in fact).

Enjoy the photos :-)

2013-10-18_0002.jpg 2013-10-18_0001.jpg 2013-10-18_0004.jpg 2013-10-18_0003.jpg 2013-10-18_0008.jpg 2013-10-18_0009.jpg 2013-10-18_0010.jpg 2013-10-18_0011.jpg 2013-10-18_0012.jpg 2013-10-18_0014.jpg 2013-10-18_0015.jpg 2013-10-18_0017.jpg 2013-10-18_0019.jpg 2013-10-18_0020.jpg 2013-10-18_0022.jpg 2013-10-18_0023.jpg 2013-10-18_0024.jpg 2013-10-18_0026.jpg 2013-10-18_0027.jpg 2013-10-18_0028.jpg 2013-10-18_0029.jpg 2013-10-18_0030.jpg 2013-10-18_0032.jpg 2013-10-18_0033.jpg 2013-10-18_0034.jpg 2013-10-18_0035.jpg 2013-10-18_0036.jpg 2013-10-18_0037.jpg 2013-10-18_0039.jpg 2013-10-18_0042.jpg 2013-10-18_0044.jpg 2013-10-18_0045.jpg 2013-10-18_0046.jpg 2013-10-18_0047.jpg 2013-10-18_0048.jpg 2013-10-18_0049.jpg 2013-10-18_0050.jpg 2013-10-18_0051.jpg 2013-10-18_0052.jpg 2013-10-18_0053.jpg 2013-10-18_0054.jpg 2013-10-18_0055.jpg