The Hendra Pony Club

We're lucky enough to have our house back on to the Hendra Pony Club (actually in Nundah). Out front it's like living in the city - out back, it's like living in the country. This afternoon Jess, my father and myself went for a stroll around the Pony Club to see what we could see. Basically, we saw lots of horses and acres of phototastic countryside. There is this ridiculously friendly horse there (who's name is Hugo Im told). He followed us everywhere... I tried and tried to get a photo of him.. but every time I pulled the camera out, he literally shoved his nose right up into the lens - amusing and annoying at the same time. It sure is convenient having such a nice location right out our back door. 

Anyway.. here is just one photo I wanted to share.

Brisbane Wedding Phoographer Img 4848

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