Unplugged Weddings

I attended a wedding recently (as a guest for a change!!) where there was no phone reception.  The wedding location was completely out of range and we stayed for the whole weekend celebrating with our friends.  This was such a freeing weekend - spending the whole time with my phone sitting in our room completely flat because there wasn't really any point in charging it.  When shooting a wedding, it's not our choice whether you have an unplugged wedding or not - it's your wedding, you can do what you like!  But when people do - it is so wonderful to see people truly experiencing the day... completely.  

A few words from one of our lovely brides, Alex, on why they decided to have an unplugged wedding:

During the planning process of our wedding, we weren’t actually aware there was such a thing as an ‘unplugged’ wedding - we were just so tired of seeing photos and videos of people engaged in their devices (phones, cameras and even iPads) instead of absorbing the experience that they were there to be a part of. We wanted our guests to forget about capturing the ‘perfect’ photo, getting the right angle on their smartphone video, and instead look at each other, look at us, create real memories in their minds rather than through their screens. We received some resistance, people are so reliant on these habits, but we were committed to this plan (even asking our Pastor to reiterate the message) and we are so thankful that we achieved this aspect of our day. All of our ceremony’s photos are of our guests faces, full of tears and smiles, not phones. And besides - we had 4 professionals there to capture every moment in far better ways than any smart phone is ever going to be able to!!

WeddingsJess Bliesner