Wedding Videos - Stop Motion Style

We make stop motion wedding videos, that are short, sharp and very entertaining. If you weren't aware, a stop motion video, is a video that is actually made from photos - and lots of them (and as we're photographers, that makes total sense right?!) On average, they go for around two - three minutes, which is great, because no longer will people cringe when you ask them if they want to watch your wedding video!

We call them wedding videos that people want to watch! Since we've been testing them this last year, we have been blown away by how popular they are. These things actually go viral.

Do people watch them? Since February this year - the 20 or so stop motion videos we've done have been viewed over 15,000 times... (fifteen thousand times). That means on average, each video gets viewed almost 1000 times. So... yep, people watch em.









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