Will it or wont it. One wedding photo

I kind of sound like a broken record here.. but, yesterday was yet another cloudy, rainy day here in the "unsunshine" state. Fortunately we have had some pretty good fortune and out of the 40 odd weddings we shot last year I don't think we had one wash out. And so it would seem that trend will continue into 2011. 

It was a last minute decision as to whether or not the ceremony should be inside, or outside. BOM said the rain would pass - the clouds kind of said otherwise. So, the decision was made to push on with the original outdoor plan. Fortunately for us, the rain held off.

OK, and now I really am sounding like a broken record - but we don't mind the rainy weather so much.

Our 2010 Theme Song has been: Sunshine by Old Man Riverhttp://itunes.apple.com/au/album/sunshine/id217770794?i=217770864

Brisbane Wedding Phoographer Img 8410