Christmas Family Traditions

I love family traditions, since having kids, we’ve tried to start a few of our own. One of these, is for the kids to pick out 1 special Christmas decoration each year. So, last year, we made the trip to Myer so that Charlie and Grace could pick out their decoration, it started off nicely, with Charlie super excited to choose and Grace enthusiastically sitting in her pram. But before too long, Grace began grabbing at everything out the side of the pram (everything breakable of course) and then as she got more and more sick of waiting the screaming started. Meanwhile Charlie walked around and around unable to decide which decoration he’d like to choose. By the time they had chosen their decorations Steve and I were so over the whole thing, and we escaped the shops as fast as we possibly could. Sometimes those perfect family traditions you have in mind, don’t go exactly to plan - hopefully this year it’s a little more enjoyable!

I’d love to know what Christmas traditions you have with your family - Christmas baking? Decorating the tree? Making decorations? If you have a special tradition, I would LOVE to be able to photograph it for you, so that you are able to hold onto those memories and look back on them in years to come (even if they do come with tantrums or tears (from children or parents, haha). If you’re keen to book in a session to capture this, as my little Christmas gift to you, I’m happy to offer 20% off. Get in touch if you’d like to book it in.

Steve Bliesner