The other day, a facebook memory popped up on my newsfeed. It was a little story that went like this: “Bike ride fail this morning: Doesn't want to wear helmet, doesn't want to ride bike, does want to ride bike, wants to lie on the footpath screaming, back on the bike, wants to ride backwards, wants to walk and push bike, wants to ride bike, wants to be carried, wants to walk, continue and add in lots of crying and screaming.  #toddlerlife” I had completely forgotten about this, in fact, just a few days earlier I was telling a friend how Charlie was such an easy little toddler and he never threw tantrums when he was Grace’s age. Ha! Turns out he did! It is a little frightening how quickly and easily I’ve forgotten so many little moments and makes me appreciate all the photos I’ve taken of my kids. And not just photos of how they looked, but photos of who they are.

Anyway… I had the pleasure of documenting some moments with this lovely family. I hope the photos help them remember exactly what it was like raising these beautiful little girls.