In Home documentary session

So, I’m a bit of an introvert… and I’ve always felt like this was a bad thing, extroverts always seemed like they had the advantage. But I’ve recently come to the realisation that it is my introverted-ness (is there a real word for that?) that has allowed my photography style to develop into what it is today. I love to sit back and wait for moments to capture that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. I love the challenge of anticipating what is going to happen to ensure I’m in the right place to capture it. I’m not one to force interactions, I prefer to let things happen naturally and look for the little things. I can quietly let children warm up to me in family photography sessions so that everyone feels comfortable and it can all unfold naturally. I’ve come to realise that all of this is an asset, it helps me deliver photos that people don’t realise I’ve even taken or that helps them see themselves in a different way. 

I had the pleasure of photographing Matt and Kat when they got married and as I've said before - it is always so lovely to be invited back to photograph their growing family. Little Alex is such an adorable boy, it took him all of 2 seconds to be standing right beside me curiously asking about my camera. So we spent some time hanging out in their home while Alex led the show, playing, reading books... and then headed to the local beach for a little play. Then I stayed for the evening routine - dinner, bath and bed. So many little moments for them all to look back on.

Dad smiling at son at home family photography session
Mum and Dad with toddler
Fun family photo of mum tickling son
documentary family photo of Mum carrying son
Dad helping boy put on shoes
Mum laughing while boy plays with Dad
Fun photo of boy laughing
Little boy peeking under table
Family photo of Dad throwing boy in the air
Family sitting together outside at their home
Family Photography Session
Little boy cuddling his Dad
Little boy showing his tummy
Boy laughing with his Mum
Family photo of boy playing peek a boo with his mum
Mum hugging son in their Brisbane home
Family playing on the beach
Family sitting together on the beach in family photography session
Little boy on the beach with his family
Mum laughing with her son
Natural family photography on the beach
Boy playing on the beach
Candid family photo of family on the beach
Natural family photo
Family playing on the beach
Boy running away from Mum on the beach
Little boy on the sand
Natural family photography
Family looking out to sea
Mum and Dad holding little boys hands
Natural family photo of Mum, Dad and toddler
Black and white photo of Mum holding her son
Boy getting upset as he's not allowed outside
Mum watching as her toddler eats dinner
Toddler trying to eat his dinner
Mum talking to her little boy at dinner
Mum kissing her son on the head in documentary family photography session
Little boy lying with his legs in the air while dad watches on
Little boy with his Mum
Little boy playing with a boat
Toddler peeking up to his Mum in candid family photo
Toddler not letting his dad help brush his teeth
Family cuddle