The beginning of offical Learning from Home. This week has certainly not been an easy one, although Charlie has been an excellent little learner and his school has been amazing working with all the parents to provide all the activities... having a second younger child, who also wants all of your attention makes things very difficult. There has been way more screen time going on than I ever imagined I would allow as a parent and as I sit here writing this post there are pencils strewn across the whole lounge room floor, joined by a box, a random bowl and a computer keyboard? There have been tears and laughter, but we made it through, things have gotten easier as we got into a bit of a rhythm with things. Charlie is getting used to his class zoom calls, loves getting comments from his teachers online and we usually finish our work early so he gets more time to play. Although it sometimes feel like they fight all the time, the kids are loving spending all this time together. And Steve has started having evening sing alongs with the kids Brady Bunch style. There are always positives and we are trying to focus on them.