When I photograph your family, I want you to be you. I don’t expect you to buy new outfits. In all honesty, I just want you to feel like yourself. Obviously I want you to feel good and look back on your photos with fond memories, so if that does means new outfits then that’s totally fine. If you are choosing for that perfect look, then we suggest choosing a few complimentary colours that tie in nicely together so that you can all match in without look too matchy matchy.

Children laughing with parents

It is important to me though, that your photos really reflect who you are, if you don’t normally wear boho flowing dresses, don’t feel like you need to for your photos. Wear what you like and what you’re all comfortable in. One of my favourite shoots was with a little boy who wanted to wear his Christmas PJ’s for their in home family session. It was not Christmas time. But his parents went with it and I feel like this really helps reflect his little personality and that time in their life, when these little people have very strong opinions about (strange) things.

In home family photo
Mum and child hugging in Brisbane home
Mum playing with child in Brisbane home

So I guess, ultimately, the answer to the question - for me - is wear whatever you like. The photos are about the people in them, not the clothes you're wearing. And if you feel 100% you in the photos then that's all I ask for.

Natural family photo of family baking together in Brisbane home