I get asked this questions from time to time so thought it was worth putting a post together. And my answer to this question is not a straight 'this many weeks' because it really depends on what you want. So, instead of saying black and white time frames, I thought I'd share some photos and reasons why you might like to choose a particular time.

Fresh newborn

Within the first couple weeks is a popular time to get baby photos. Your new little baby is so small, and that alone is a perfect reason to capture them at this age (how many people comment when they see a newborn baby that they had forgotten how small they are!) Some newborn photographers suggest this time as it's also when baby can be more sleepy and more likely to fall into a deep sleep when you can pose them a bit more. Since my sessions don't involve any posing, this isn't as important for the way I shoot - I'm more than happy for baby to spend the whole session snuggled in your arms if that's what they want to do.

Couple months old

When baby is that little bit older, they are usually more expressive. During your family photography session you're more likely to get a smile. This can also be a little kinder on Mum and Dad, birthing a baby is not a minor experience and it doesn't always go the way you would like it to. For some people, managing to shower in the morning is enough of a challenge let alone getting everyone ready (mentally as well as physically) for photos. And for some those baby blues hit like a freight train... so waiting might suit you a little better when you've settled into life as a parent a little more.

Sitting or crawling

Everything changes in babies world when they learn how to sit! Suddenly they can play with more toys and see the world in a whole new way. Some people like to wait until baby has learnt to sit or crawl for their family photos. By this age their little personalities are coming out more and more and they're able to get up to a bit more mischief. It also might be easier to plan around nap times if you've found your groove with routines.


By this age they are perhaps a little more toddler and a little less baby but still such a cute age to photograph. Whether they are walking or crawling the shoot will definitely be a little more lively.

So, in short, every age is a great time to have professional photos taken (might not be the answer you wanted!) and if you can't decide, I have a package that includes 2 x 1 hour photography sessions that you can use in that first 12 months. Just check out the Newborn Info and Pricing page for the details.

Want some more info or interested in booking in your family photography session?