How it all works


Family photos are so important - they preserve a period in your life, that disappears so quickly. Whether its capturing the free spirit of your little ones running in the park, or capturing every day moments in your home, these are memories and moments that deserve to be captured.

When I photograph your family, I really want to capture your little people’s personalities, I want to help you remember what they were like and how you felt, even if at times that’s capturing the frustrations of toddler tantrums or the joy of the tickles and cuddles.

My style is mostly documentary with maybe a touch of lifestyle. I can come into your home and photograph you just being you in a The Full Story Session. Play with your kids, hang out together, bake, read books - whatever is normal for you and your family - do that, and I’ll photograph it. No stress, no posing, just do you. Alternatively, you can do a shorter on-location session - Short and Sweet Session, still very relaxed with just a bit of gentle direction.

Candid Family Photography
Jess captured our new little family perfectly. Such beautiful memories of a very fleeting moment in our lives.
— Wendy