Family Photography





Documentary Family Photography Sessions are all about capturing your family as you are.  Doing the things you regularly do together.  I will come into your home or a location that is special to you and hang out with you for a morning or an afternoon.  

Unlike a traditional family portrait, I won't pose you or even necessarily tell you what to do.  

  It's just you, me, my camera and whatever is going on. Play together, read a book, climb a tree or bake a cake (there's no right or wrong thing to do).  I'd rather keep things unscripted and let things unfold the way they do.  If things get messy or kids get cranky - great! - that's all part of The Imperfect Project. 


Family Photo Session - $200

Your Documentary Family Photo Session will include Jess photographing your family for a morning or an afternoon, usually for about 2-3 hours. This is usually held in your home where everyone is most comfortable and where all your every day moments happen. Alternatively your session can be held at a location that is special to you or we can do a little bit of both if there’s a favourite spot close to home. Contact Us for our full Digital File & Print Price List

Jess came around and hung out for a bit... and somehow also captured these photos that make my heart sing. There is no better way to remember these days of chaos and little toes. So in love!
— Claire B


Can we purchase our images on disc?

Yes, but even better, you can download them through your online gallery. You will even receive a little discount if you pre-purchase the downloads before your session.

Can we purchase prints and albums?

Having your photos printed and displayed around your home for you to enjoy every day is exactly what we want! Beautiful Fine Art prints are available for purchase through your online gallery. Our Fine Art Albums are an excellent way to tell the story of your family. These can also be purchased after your shoot. Just get in touch for pricing.

Where will we do the shoot?

We usually complete the shoot in your home where everyone is most comfortable to completely be themselves.  Or, we can do the session at a location that is special to your family.

How do we book?

We ask for a $200 fee to book in your session and then you can purchase the digital images, album and/or prints after your session. Or pre-purchase the digital images to receive a wee little discount. And yes, we accept Credit Card Payments or direct deposit.

I’m worried about getting photos because my children are very shy with new people…

This style of session is perfect for shy children, because you are just being yourselves, it usually doesn’t take long for kids to warm up and forget about the camera. It is helpful to know prior to the shoot if you feel your kids will take a bit of time, in this case I’ll spend some time getting to know them first to make sure they’re comfortable with me. I’m also a quiet person (and quite small) which I think helps kids feel at ease around me.


What should we wear?

Since we’re trying to photograph real moments we’d encourage you to just wear whatever you usually wear. Clothes that are comfortable to play with the children in. And for the kids - if you’re kids are likely to be painting or baking or playing in the sprinkler, then whatever is comfortable and you don’t mind getting messy.

Do we need planned activities?

I feel it works best when things aren't too planned. Just do what you always do as a family and anything unexpected that might happen is just part of the fun! That is what life is all about. It may seem like a long time but this gives the kids a chance to get used to me and in a way forget that I'm there. Nothing needs to be forced and I promise it won't be painful for those that might not be very comfortable in front of the camera, I will literally just hang out with you and if you have fun with your family, the photos will reflect that.

Where are you based?

I am based in Nundah, Brisbane and am available for sessions within the general Brisbane area. I am also available for Family Sessions on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or even interstate however a travel fee may apply. Get in touch if you'd like more info.

My spouse hates having photos taken…

We work with loads of people that don’t like being in front of the camera (I’m one of these people so I totally get it) this style of session means there is no posing and you can completely pretend I’m not there if it makes it easier. You just need to be yourself and I’ll shoot in the background, I promise it won’t be painful :)