How it all works


Pretty much all of our clients tell us before we work with them that they feel super awkward in front of the camera. And it might sound weird, but we love working with people that aren’t comfortable in front of the camera. I get it, because I am one of those people. But everyone deserves to have beautiful photos and I love helping people feel at ease with us (and our cameras) and concentrate on enjoying their day.

We work in a very hands off, photojournalistic way. We would much rather the day just unfold naturally, if you want to give your dad a button hole and put it on, then great - we’ll photograph it. If you don’t want to follow traditions, go for it. We are firm believers in capturing the actual moments, and care more about capturing the people than the details because in years to come, a photo of you and your grandma is going to be a lot more valuable to you than one of the shoes you wore. (Although, of course capture the details as well)

We’re laid back and casual people, and are happy to fit in with your plans. Whether you just want a few hours of coverage or the whole day, we have a few different lengths of coverage which you take a look at here.

Natural Wedding Photography in Brisbane
Jess and Steve were amazing to work with on the day and we couldn’t be happier with our photos.
— Kate