One - Comfort & Ease

Anyone with kids knows how difficult it can be to perform the simple task of getting everyone dressed, bags of 'just in case' items packed and into the car can be. Obviously, doing your family photography session at home, means that you don't need to go anywhere. And even better, if you have booked 'The Full Story' session, then you don't even need to worry about having everyone ready! If the kids are still getting organised, then that is just part of capturing your family in your day to day lives, no need to stress! It can also be more comfortable for your kids, they can get used to me and my camera in their safe place, if they want to show me their favourite toy then it's right there. If anyone needs to go to the toilet or have a nappy change, there's no worry.

Two - no awkward posing

Yep, there won't be any need to feel awkward posing for photos, or worrying that the kids are doing the right thing. You can do your thing, I might occasionally ask if someone can do something or maybe sit together but that's the extent of it. If you feel awkward in front of the camera then you can relax, I'll hang around, chat to you and take photos at the same time. I'm all about looking for the natural moments that you might not even notice. It's also helpful for children that might be a little shy, as your family photographer I'll give them the space and time to warm up to me. No need to force anything. And if they want to cuddle Mum or Dad then that will make for some pretty cute photos anyway right?

Three - trigger memories

I love the idea that when you look back on your photos years down the track, it might trigger extra memories that are attached to you home. Memories of the children's room and family dinners. I know there are a lot of people that want to wait until all their renovation projects are complete to get family photography done, but I love it when people have family photos in their home pre-reno. Let your kids look back on those photos and realise that you didn't always have that new house, it's worth remembering that 1960's kitchen and the wall colour that you always wondered why anyone would choose.

Four - Personality not just appearance

As your family photographer, I want to capture your little people's personalities. Allowing kids to play in the comfort of their home, and have me photograph you in a documentary style, I have the opportunity to photograph all of you, as you really are. It's my job to look for little expressions and interactions and capture who you are as a family. I don't want to just deliver a photo of what you all look like, I want it to be so much more than that.

Five - Weather watching

Yep, the weather, when you've got everyone prepped (mentally and physically) the last thing you want is to have to postpone because it's raining. If your family photography session is in your home, there's no need to be checking the weather in the week leading up to your shoot. Doesn't matter if it's wet, cold, hot - we can still have your session at the scheduled day.

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