My Philosophy

The Ordinary Moments

“As your family photographer, I believe in capturing the big moments. But I feel it's equally important to capture the everyday, little moments in your life.

As Pam Beasley once said, “I thought it was weird when you picked us to make a documentary. But, all in all, I think an ordinary paper company like Dunder Mifflin was a great subject for a documentary. There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kind of the point?””

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Documentary family photo

My style as a family photographer has grown out of my own desire to capture all the weird and wonderful moments in our family life. The cuddles, the tantrums, the giggles. It's because of this that I love photographing families in their own home. I love the idea that when you look back on your family photos years down the track, it might trigger extra memories that are attached to your home. Memories of the children's room and family dinners.

Of course there is also the option of having photos at a location that is special to your family. Maybe your kids like exploring the local creek or they have a favourite tree the kids like to climb.

Children laughing together
Child reading book to pet dog

“Jess has such a lovely natural candid style, so if you tend to feel awkward in front of a camera you’ll appreciate her gentle and unobtrusive approach.”

Family cuddling in photo by brisbane family photographer