So, what are documentary family photos? Basically, I come into your home and take photos of you and your family just doing whatever it is you usually do. Play, bake, eat, whatever is happening I'm there to photograph it. It's a chance to get photos of all the little in between moments in your day that you might not notice. It's a chance to capture natural connections between you and your children. And I think it's something every family should have, so here are 5 reasons why I think you should book in a documentary family session :)

Real Moments means real memories

Instead of remembering what you looked like, I want you to truely remember how you felt. I want you to feel something when you look back on your photos. I want you to feel the warmth of the cuddles, the frustration of the toddler tantrum's, the laughter of that food all over the kids faces. Documentary family photography is about capturing those real moments and connection between you all as a family and that is what makes these photos so, so special.

all the emotions of being a kid

We've all been there, there are some days your kids are perfect angels, and other days when everything is just too much. Or you think you have finally the baby into a routine and then it's always the day you need it to work, that it doesn't. With this style of session, there is no stress, worrying that your child might not be in a good mood or that baby might need a feed. Because documentary family sessions go for about 3 hours, there is plenty of time to capture all the moods. If they want to play, great! If they get hungry, no worries, have something to eat. There's no posing or trying to coerce them into doing anything. Just have fun and be yourselves.

Home is where the heart is

Most of my documentary family sessions are held in people's homes. Whether your home is in need of renovation, or immaculately presented - it's a perfect place to do family photos. So many memories are held in those walls and if you do move on to a new house, it's so special having those photos to remember where you once were. It also makes it nice and easy for you on the day of the shoot. We all know how hard it is to get everyone dressed, ready and in the car! And it is also the perfect place for the kids to be themselves, in their environment.

Camera shy

If you're a bit like me and don't get excited when a camera is pointed at you, then this is the perfect session for you. You play with your kids, chat to your partner... we just hang out. And while, yes, I do have to still point my camera at you, it is way less intimidating than having to pose and try to get everyone to smile for the camera. It is also great for kids who might be a little shy around new people (I have 2 of those myself!) We have plenty of time to warm up and the kids can, in a way, lead the direction of the shoot.

Just do it

Ok, so that's not really a reason, but I truely believe that everyone would get so much out of having a documentary family photography session. It gives you the opportunity to see what your life really looks like and the perfect to momento to look back on when the kids have grown up. I know it bugs me when people say to 'cherish every moment' because I know that no part of me will miss the sleepless nights or the screaming tantrum but those moments are worth remembering. All the time spent as a family baking or painting or whatever you like to do together. Rather than just some smiling faces, capture some real moments.

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